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16 June 2003

Gilwell Reunion

The UK Uganda network will be appearing at the Gilwell Reunion. This annual extravaganza attracts Leaders from all over the world to exchange views and news and to learn new skills and information.

This year's Gilwell Reunion will be held during 6/7 September 2003.

Expedition Leaders Training Course

The Young Explorers Trust is holding a Training Weekend at Sheffield during the weekend 29/30 November 2003. The course is for Leaders and is aimed at helping them to plan an Expedition.

download detailed information about the course

download the joining application form


Jinja Campsite welcomes you.

Colin Bennett who died on 26th April dreamed of opening a camp training ground on the banks of the RIver Nile. He worked for 10 years to achieve his dream and involved hundreds of Scouts in the UK and in Uganda to bring it about.

Now you can camp at the BP Training Ground. Visit the Avon Web Site for full details.

Network Meeting - 24/26 October 2003

Download the joining information.


AOL says no to SPAM
AOL has decided that Email coming from the Uganda Network and the Africa Network is SPAM, despite being told that every member on our mailing lists has personally decided to join and asked us to send emails to them.

Whilst applauding the decision of AOL to tackle the problem of SPAM, much of which claims to come from AOL addresses, the effect of the ban is that the Network is unable to communicate via its lists with those members of the Network who use AOL.

There is an easy solution to this - simply take your internet services from a genuine ISP such as Demon or Freeserve. Alternatively the Networks can provide a local call dial up service and email address for any member needing to avoid AOL.

In the meantime all our emails to AOL have not produced a response.


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