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St George's Day Awards
3 April 2004

Network Members' Awards

Network Members have been recognised in the recent Chief Scout's St George's Day Awards by being awarded the Silver Wolf

Tony Fulford and Peter Scurry from the Royal County of Berkshire and Eric Goulding from Surrey.

David McKee - the International Manager at Headquarters receives the Bar to the Silver Acorn and Suzanne Stout the Silver Acorn. Suzanne is an Employee of Berkshire Scout Enterprises Ltd the sponsors of the UK Uganda Network Web Site.

Tom returns to Kampala

Tom Ngobi Director of the Outspan School has now returned to his home at the school. Following recent difficulties in which two directors resigned the school is now on a firm base and has a good future thanks to members of the UK Uganda Network and in particular Northamptonshire Scouts.

The Outspan School is built in one of the poorest suburbs in Kampala and attracts children from the poorest families.

Uganda Visit

Eric and Marie Goulding return from Uganda on Monday 19 April from a 2 week visit to Uganda this time with members of a Farnham Youth Group.

They have worked at the Kavuli School for the Deaf and also visited the Bulangira Disable Project and the Queen Elizabeth II National Park. For all of the young people it was their first time in Africa. Eric and Marie are of course seasoned travellers to the region. Eric was contingent leader for Uganda 2000.

First Africa Regional Gathering - Friends of Scouting

The first gathering of the Friends of Scouting in Africa takes place in September at the Coline Hotel, Mukono, Uganda.

Maureen and Bob Chandler, Christine and Tony Fulford and Betty and Peter Scurry all who took part in Uganda 2000 are returning to Uganda in September to attend to the 1st Africa Regional gathering with the International Scout and Guiding Fellowship being hosted by the Friends of Scouting and Guiding Society, Uganda – Sammy Senkumba is the Executive Secretary.

From their first visit Betty and Peter Scurry embarked on an  ambitious project to build a Centre for disabled people at Bulangira,
having raised £15,000.00 the project is now nearing completion.

Also attending and assiting in the organisation of the Gathering is Dave Mowbray. Dave was a leading member of the team which built Look Wide House at Kaazi.

FARIA Formed

Paul Madanda has spearheaded the formation of an NGO The FIGHT AGAINST RACISM IN AFRICA.

The organisation intends to inform and educate the people of Uganda to remove racism of all kinds.

Although some regard racism as a black and white, nationality to nationality issue in Uganda tribal racism exists which FARIA aims to address.

Paul Madanda is the Executive District Commissioner in Jinja.


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