Quiz - Answers

a) Women make up 52% of the population of the United Kingdom.

In Uganda women make up 51% of the population.

b) Only 5% of households fit this popular picture of family life. Lots of people live as single parents, or communally, or with their lovers, or on their own.

c) Housework is still very much seen as women's work. Even though most women do paid work. they also do 72% of the housework. Women who work full time spend on average 23 hours per week on housework whilst men who work full time spend 10 hours a week. Women who do no paid work spend 45 hours a week on house work. In Uganda, women do all the household chores.

d) The majority of men and 66% of women under retirement age are working.

e) After finishing her education and before ,retirement the average woman spends only seven years without a paid job.

f) True: Women and men have equal rights to enter most jobs, but only 2% of surgeons, 9% Electrical engineers and 7% of architects are women. These are all high income high status jobs. In the low income sector jobs women constitute; 92% of nurses, 98% of domestic staff, 70% of clerks and 84% of shop assistants.

g) Only 6% of senior managers are women, and only 0.03% of company chairpersons are women.

h) 90% of part time workers are women. Part time work generally goes together with low pay, poor conditions and little or no legal Protection.

i) The proportion of women members is not reflected on union committees where only 10% of members are women and only 7% of full time officials are women.

j) 74% - over 35% of women work totally alone with the remainder occasionally getting assistance. Only 13% of farm work is carried out by women with husbands always helping.

k) In over 15% of households children are solely responsible for collecting the water in a further 31% of households children and their mothers are responsible for water collection.

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